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Pay Per Click marketing exposes your message to potential customers at the exact moment they are researching your category. The right PPC management partner will help you identify the best keywords to follow, will secure top positions and will monitor and optimize ad copy to maximize impact of your campaign.
The Benefits of
PPC Advertising
For near-term lead generation, Pay Per Click advertising on Internet search engines and social networks is quite probably the best option.
Paid advertising on search engines, Internet social networks and popular Websites (via ad networks) is a fast and sustainable way to gain optimal position to your target audience.

Immediate control. Unlike traditional advertising, Pay Per Click budgets can be turned up or turned off on very short notice.


You only pay for what you use. If no one clicks on your advertisement, your cost to run it is zero. Of course, well-designed campaigns will spend the entire budget on lead generation.


Accountability. PPC advertising management company Webolutions tracks and reports, client spend per lead and per conversion, to the penny. We work continuously to help our clients maximize conversions while minimizing advertising expense.

Consult With A Pay-Per-Click Advertising Expert
Our Agency Expertise
Running a successful Google PPC management program requires extensive research and testing. Our process includes the following steps which are similar whether we’re running the program on a major search engine or social media network:

Perform detailed keyword research to understand how much relevant search volume is associated with each potential term and the level of competition each term receives.


Create a test plan that includes a variety of keyword groups and multiple ad executions for each group.


Identify highest potential calls to action and create campaign specific tracking numbers where relevant.


Build focused message landing pages to drive maximum conversion of clickthroughs.


Monitor results and optimize use of keywords, negative keywords, ad copy, calls to actions, etc to drive improved results.

PageOne Agency has also demonstrated results using Google Adwords Retargeting. Retargeting, also called, re-marketing, uses display advertising to present your Website to people who have visited it previously.


Pay Per Click advertising can be effective as a stand-alone strategy, especially with the benefit of keyword research and a comprehensive strategy including landing page (/services/web-design/standards-compliance) construction and optimization. It is most effective when integrated with:

Web Design



Search Engine Optimization



Social Media Marketing